Our History




The elmex® line originated in Switzerland and was developed by the Gaba group, one of the groups of solutions for oral health in the country. The group originated about 400 years ago, from the drug Goldene Apotheke Basel. At that time, great names like Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei and René Descartes were developing their theories at the height of the Scientific Revolution.


The first Product

In 1963, the first product of the elmex® line was born: elmex toothpaste, with amine fluoride technology, developed by Hans R. Muhlemann in partnership with the GABA group.


Mister elmex

Muhlemann, known as "Mister elmex" was the first professor of dentistry in the world dedicated entirely to preventive oral medicine, he studied and taught at the University of Zurich, where more than 10 Nobel Prize names such as physicist Albert Einstein passed.



Over the years, the elmex line has become an expert in oral care, preventing dental erosion and tooth wear caused by the modern lifestyle of young people and adults that are subject to various factors that can harm their oral health: daily habits such as excessive intake of coffee and energy drinks, stress, stomach diseases and even the practice of physical activities can trigger this problem.


Colgate Acquisition

It was in 2004 when Colgate Palmolive acquired the GABA group that elmex gained global prominence, uniting leadership in oral health with the best technology for longevity. In this context, the elmex brand arrives in Argentina, bringing a solution to the challenges of modern life for young people and adults who seek healthy teeth and a balanced life routine.