Instant* and Lasting** sensitivity relief.

elmex® researchers develop powerful dental care products with scientifically proven benefits.

Our products

With elmex® science, we are committed to stopping people from suffering sensitivity pain for good! elmex® Sensitive Pro formulation technology blocks the channels leading to nerve ends, providing instant* and lasting** relief from sensitivity pain. Natural Bio-Argin technology creates a mineral-rich shield which protects teeth surface from any external stimuli causing pain & hypersensitivity.

elmex® Sensitive professional Toothpaste

Elmex sensitive Professional

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For instant* and lasting sensitivity relief**

elmex® Sensitive professional Whitening Toothpaste

Elmex Sensitive professional Whitening

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Intense cleaning formula with calcium carbonate for gentle color removal

elmex® Sensitive professional Soft Toothbrush

Elmex Sensitive toothbrush

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Extra soft strands and cleaning even in the interdental spaces

elmex® Sensitive professional Mouthwash

Elmex Sensitive Mouthwash

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Effective protection for sensitive teeth and relief from sensitivity teeth pain

*For instant sensitivity relief, gently massage directly on the sensitive tooth area with the fingertip for 1 minute, twice daily.
**For long-lasting sensitivity relief, apply on a soft toothbrush and brush twice daily.

Our mission

In a world as uncertain as it is today, we are all looking for a little more certainty. When it comes to oral health, we give you certainty at your fingertips. Thanks to effective science, research and close collaboration with oral hygiene professionals, elmex® understands what our teeth need and guides us towards better oral health every day. So we can be sure to do our best against sensitivity.

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