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Say no to sensitivity pain! We believe that all people should be freed from sensitivity and not have to deal with the uncertainty of when the pain will flare up again. elmex® knows that there is a better way. With our superior science and close collaboration with dentists, we provide instant and permanent pain relief. Join us and say no to pain sensitivity!

elmex® Sensitive professional

Elmex sensitive Professional

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For instant* and lasting sensitivity relief**

elmex® Sensitive professional

Elmex Sensitive professional Whitening

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Intense cleaning formula with calcium carbonate for gentle color removal

elmex® Sensitive professional

Elmex Sensitive toothbrush

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Extra soft strands and cleaning even in the interdental spaces

elmex® Sensitive professional

Elmex Sensitive Mouthwash

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Effective protection for sensitive teeth and relief from sensitivity teeth pain

*For instant sensitivoty relief, gently massage directly on the sensitive tooth area with the fingertip for 1 minute, twice daily.
**For long-lasting sensitivity relief, apply on a soft toothbrush and brush twice daily.