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Developed for the needs of frequent and heavy sufferers of
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Works from 1st application
Clinically proven relief in just 60 seconds
Clinically proven

Introducing new elmex® sensitive professional range

Backed by science and trusted by dentists, new elmex® sensitive professional range is now available. Formulated to give you instant* and lasting** relief against sensitive teeth, our specially developed toothpaste and mouthwash contain Pro-Arginine technology and Zinc Phosphate – superior ingredients that create a protective shield against hypersensitivity and pain.

elmex® has powerful dental care products with scientifically proven benefits. Instant* and Lasting** sensitivity Relief with Natural Bio-Argin. elmex® Sensitive Pro formulation technology blocks the channels leading to nerve ends and is clinically proven relief in just 60 seconds.

Let’s take a closer look at the science behind elmex®.


Elmex® Sensitive Professional Toothpaste

A specially developed toothpaste with the clinically proven PRO-ARGIN technology that European dental professionals use for their patients for relief from sensitivity.

Elmex® sensitive professional toothpaste is clinically proven to work in just seconds* building a layer that prevents pain from coming back. The formula instantly** relieves dentine hypersensitivity when applied to an affected tooth for one minute***. It locks in calcium and Zinc phosphate, preventing pain****.


  • Creates a mineral-rich shield that protects against teeth sensitivity and pain

  • Provides instant* and long-lasting** relief against sensitivity

  • Strengthens enamel


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elmex® Sensitive Professional Toothbrush

For sensitive teeth you need a particularly soft toothbrush with fine fibers. Perfectly rounded and oblique fibers gently and thoroughly clean the interdental spaces, which are prone to tooth decay.

Key Benefits

  • Extra soft bristles for thorough and gentle cleaning

  • Protruding X-shaped bristles to even reach interdental spaces

  • Soft-coated brush head

  • Ergonomically-shaped handle


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elmex® Sensitive Professional Mouthwash

elmex® dental rinse is specially developed to seal the small canals that lead to the tooth nerve, ensuring that your teeth are protected against sensitivity.


  • With the exclusive PRO-ARGIN® mouthrinse technology

  • 0% alcohol

  • Supplementary care to daily tooth brushing

  • Instant* and Lasting** Sensivity Relief

  • Long lasting protective layer builds up and helps work like a seal against sensitivity


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*For instant sensitivity relief, gently massage directly on the sensitive tooth area with the fingertip for 1 minute, twice daily.

**For long-lasting sensitivity relief, apply on a soft toothbrush and brush twice daily.

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****Hines D, et al. Poster #3406, July 2018 IADR. Colgate-Palmolive Company 2018