elmex® Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

Extra soft, gentle cleaning.

Did you know that hard toothbrushes can cause tooth pain especially if you have sensitive teeth? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you with elmex toothbrush for sensitive teeth

Elmex® 2-Pack Toothbrush Sensitive features extra soft bristles for thorough and gentle cleaning, protruding X-shaped bristles that can even reach interdental spaces, soft-coated brush head and an ergonomically-shaped handle. This brush is ideal for heavy sufferers of dental hypersensitivity. This toothbrush is clinically proven and has superior technology for healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth pain and sensitivity is aggravated by hard toothbrushes or brushing too hard.

Now you can say goodbye to tooth pain induced by hard toothbrushes!

  • Key Benefits and Features

    • Extra soft bristles for thorough and gentle cleaning
    • Protruding X-shaped bristles to even reach interdental spaces
    • Soft-coated brush head
    • Ergonomically-shaped handle

After 3 months, your toothbrush is 95% less effective than a new one*

*in reducing plaque between teeth vs. a 3 month old toothbrush


For sensitive teeth the following brushing technique is recommended in combination with a soft toothbrush.

Correct brushing technique step 1

1 & 2. Basic Position of the Toothbrush:The bristles are aligned to the outer surface of the tooth, parallel to the teeth and gums without touching.

Activation Phase: The bristles are placed with light pressure on the teeth and gums.

Correct brushing technique step 2

3 & 4. Motion Phase: The brush head is now guided slowly moving from red to white ("coronal") and finally to the chewing surface.

Correct brushing technique step 3

5 & 6. This motion sequence is repeated three times per tooth and always performed on each tooth individually. It is important not to apply too much pressure.